Parents Academy v4

Parents Academy v4

Hey Parents, teachers, anyone dealing with young people;

Would it not be great to have some techniques at hand to skilfully respond to your child’s circumstances? I have created this workshop for you:

Online Workshop: Parents Academy v4

You will learn about basic techniques and tools covering subjects as below. You will receive handouts of the exercises, we are going to cover, for you to be able to repeat at home. If you cant join, recordings will be available.

Workshop Modules

networking benefits

Module 3: Network Your Way to Success

Throughout the module, you will learn how to effectively communicate your skills and value proposition to potential contacts, and create a networking plan that aligns with your career goals.

why business coaching

Module 2: Why Networking?

This module explores the significance of networking in today's professional world. It rovides an in-depth understanding of the benefits of networking and how it can help individuals advance their careers and achieve their goals.

Module 1: Introduction to Networking

This module helps you to explore the fundamental principles of networking, including how to identify and connect with potential contacts, and how to communicate effectively.

Coach Hulya Kurt

Welcome to Mastering the Art of Networking

Welcome! In this course, you wil learn how to develop effective communication skills, identify networking opportunities, and leverage your network to achieve your career goals.

family communication

Module 3: Communication

In this module, you will find the key points to a healthy and effective communication. You will learn easily applicable techniques to communicate with your children and young people.

Coach Hulya Kurt

Welcome to Parents Academy

In this module, we will meet and l will give you an insight about the modules. You will get a clear idea about how you will make progress.


Module 2: Relationship with Others

In this module, we will talk about improving relationship with family or friends. You will also learn about how you can help your child to create that emphaty and understanding.

relationship yourself

Module 1: Relationship with Yourself / Child’s Self

This module is about to know yourself and child. From understanding values to create a healthy connection, you will learn the fundamentals of family relationship.

For Who?

Anyone who is dealing with Adolescents age: 12-20


12.30-13.30 CET for 6 Weeks Every Friday


Cost for the whole workshop series: 95 CHF

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